Design Principles

Design Principles

Design principles are the rules a designer must follow to create an effective product that delivers their message to the customer. Our design principles are the building blocks to the foundation for each collection we produce. How we apply these principles determines how successful each design becomes.

YOCISCO Essentials: Timeless
While most brands are adopting fast fashion models, we have focused on making a quality product that doesn’t fall apart and end up in a landfill. With the US sending 12.8 million tons of clothing items to landfills annually, we’ve found that by investing in high-quality clothing you actually save money because each piece lasts longer.

The key principles for designing our Essentials Collection

1. Simplicity – Elegant simplicity brings timelessness that will last a lifetime.
2. Longevity – Fighting against fast fashion YOCISCO Essentials are designed to perform season after season.
3. Versatility – Functional garments that adapt to your lifestyle (life and style), office, home, leisure and everything in between.

YOCISCO Printed Bamboo Designs: Innovation
Once we mastered our bamboo essentials, we sought out to offer cool prints in the same great fabric our customers have come to love. First, we utilized screen printing but the longevity of the print didn’t suit our standards. We now use a digital printing system that creates a dusky, matt finish which highlights the details of the prints. The bamboo fabric allows clean, sharp and fine lines to produce stunning results.

The key principles for designing our printed collections

1. Elaboration – Expanding and embellishing the details of the print so they are memorable.
2. Fashionable – The intention is purposeful over popularity; although our design become very popular among consumers.
3. Versatility – Functional garments that adapt to your lifestyle (life and style). office, home, vacation and everything in between.